At Elsie Frieda, we take our philanthropic work seriously. In the few short years since launch, we’ve designed pieces to benefit both Breast Cancer Awareness and Feeding America’s fundraising efforts. It’s through these fun and colorful projects that we’re able to teach the importance of giving back to our children. 

Feeding America

Stuck at home early into Virginia’s Covid-19 lockdowns, we were running out of ways to keep our children engaged. Outside the sun was shining. So, we ordered some bandanas and started having fun with colorful tie dye. Letting their creativity flow, our children stayed involved in our community and learned the value of giving back. We sold our hand dyed bandanas and gave 100% of the proceeds to Feeding America.

Breast Cancer Awareness

A modern day epidemic and the most common form of cancer found in women, Breast Cancer has touched all of our lives. Through a trunk show collaboration with other female designers and participation in October’s awareness month campaigns, we contributed to Susan G. Komen and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centers.  We will continue to support in a myriad of ways.  

Elsie Frieda’s commitment to philanthropy will grow and evolve as we continue to live boldly and fearlessly in color.