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About Us


Chrissy Harrison has always had a love for fashion.  Being a maximalist, Harrison approaches design with bold colors and textures while remaining classic. Focused on celebrating women's unique and individual style drives her passion for fashion forward designs. The wearable art is described as “unpredictable and rarely duplicated.” Harrison wanted to create a company where she could channel her artistic talent and help women enhance their own identity. She collaborates with women globally when sourcing beads, materials, and designing her signature collection. She finds working  in her creative process inspiring and subscribes to the idea that, “The path to success is always ‘we’ and never ‘I’.” 


My Grandmother was often referred to as Katherine Hepburn because of her character and charisma. She also had intellect besides her beauty. Her savviness knew no bounds. She had many layers to her personality and she often expressed herself through her fashion, wit and desire to give everyone the same opportunity. My Grandmother was a daughter of immigrants who believed in women's independence through hard work and creating your own personal identity. Her parents were artists, creators, and makers as they immigrated to United States and opened their own confectionary in Philadelphia. They handcrafted beautiful molds, family recipes, and a deep understanding of family first. Elsie Frieda first started to feel and know who she was and how she could impact others at her family's business.

Our story at Elsie Frieda is always a "we" and never an "I".


Focused on celebrating women’s unique and individual style, designer Chrissy Harrison set out to help women enhance their own identity. Named after her grandmother, Elsie Frieda came to fruition in 2018 when Harrison decided to fuel her maximalist creativity full time.

Often referred to as Katharine Hepburn because of her character and charisma, Elsie is the embodiment of the jewelry Harrison produces. Elsie had many layers to her personality and she often expressed herself through fashion, wit, and the desire to give everyone equal opportunity.

Collaborating with women globally, the collections are handcrafted with Heishi
beads ethically sourced in Nigeria. The jewelry’s unpredictable spirit and “summer forever” disposition is designed to be layered and guarantee a spark of joy and sense of happiness for the wearer.
The Elsie Frieda woman is independent, strong and runs with the philosophy of “we” and never “I”.